Moto Z Moto Mods – Camera, Speaker, Power Pack, Projector and Case

Saturday reading: Back when, with the first announcement of #ProjectAra, with me still inclined on mobile photography with my S3, primary challenge was the mobile zoom capabilities, then the clip able lenses was introduce. With Ara and the clip lenses in mind, I remember thinking what If I made my s3 a cpu where I can plug different devices for different functionality and usage. And with the samsung android camera introduction. Well I could only think and imagine stuff, and today I remember those wondering stuff, well I thought much more better ideas than these before, because its free to imagine and think stuff you like, but here is somewhat like what I thought my s3 should be look like back then. #ifyoudontdoit #somebodywill #andItsawesome #iwonderif #andwhatif
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