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Espruino Pico, Javascript on a USB Stick


There are probably very few official numbers for this, but web developers at least seem to outnumber the amount of people who regularly poke pins and registers with C. For them, the embedded world must be a scary and foreboding domain, full of bitwise operations and dynamic types. [Gordon] figured there was another way and built a Javascript interpreter for a microcontroller. The latest board built around this interpreter is up on Kickstarter, and its even smaller and more capable than his earlier version.

This isn’t [Gordon]‘s first rodeo; last year he launched the (full-sized) Espruino, featuring an … Read the rest

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Microsoft Fires Another Set Of Employees, Continuing Its Announced Layoff Strategy

msft-black1 Microsoft took an axe to another slice of its employees today, cutting around 3,000 jobs according to Mary Jo Foley. TechCrunch heard through a separate source that the layoffs were imminent, but was not able to confirm their size. The company released a short statement indicating that it has nearly wrapped “all [of] the 18,000 reductions announced [it] in July.” Today’s… Read More

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Japanese Hobbyists Build A Working Transformer

6 Eee-urrk-urrk-urrk-urk! A pair of Japanese hobbyists have built a transforming robot that can walk or, when in sports car form, drive around autonomously. It’s called the J-deite Quarter and is four feet tall. The goal, apparently, is to make a full-sized transformer… just because they can. The team consists of Kenji Ishida and Wataru Yoshizaki of Brave Robotics and Asratec. The… Read More

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Fitbit’s Latest Activity Trackers Feature Heart Monitoring, Smartwatch Functions

fitbit Meet Fitbit’s latest: The Charge, Charge HR, and the Surge. These activity trackers will sit atop the brand’s masthead going into 2015 and beyond. But don’t look for most of these products this holiday season. Only the $130 Charge will be available this year. The $150 Charge HR and $250 Surge hit stores in early 2015. Fitbit had a tough 2014. After launching the flagship… Read More

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Microsoft Adds Unlimited OneDrive Storage To All Office 365 Accounts

Screen Shot 2014-10-27 at 9.56.17 AM This morning, Microsoft announced that all Office 365 accounts will come with unlimited OneDrive storage. Gone are the 1 terabyte caps that were recently introduced. If you pay for Office, your storage is free. It’s a good, if not surprising, move from Microsoft: The company has worked to improve the value profile of its Office 365, productivity-as-a-service offering for some time.… Read More

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Amazon Fire Phone Flops

fire phone Given that Amazon was tanking the price of the Fire Phone down to 99 cents two months after launch (leading to many a “Fire sale!” joke), this probably won’t come as much of a surprise: the Fire Phone isn’t a success. On the Amazon earnings call today, Amazon noted that the company was taking a $170 million dollar writedown “primarily related” to… Read More

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Hands-On With The Nexus 9 Tablet

IMG_20141021_121350 The Nexus 9 in a nutshell: it’s big, and it’s beautiful. I got to spend a few fleeting minutes with the device this afternoon, and though we plan to have a full review in the coming days, I thought I’d share my initial thoughts. Like the jump from Nexus 5 to Nexus 6, there’s a pretty huge spike in quality and build feel from the Nexus 7 to the Nexus 9. The predecessor… Read More

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Japanese 3D-Printed Gun Maker Is Sentenced To Two Years In Jail

guns5 Yoshitomo Imura, an employee at the Shonan Institute of Technology in Japan, was arrested last may for printing and firing a 3D-printed gun called the ZigZag. He printed three guns in total and was arrested for running afoul of Japan’s strict gun laws. The prosecutors warned that Imura’s actions were a threat and felt he was “flaunting” his skill. They wrote:… Read More

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